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Healing Touch Massage

It’s Time to Heal

Thinking and digesting thoughts is a constant challenge over a lifetime. Through this process of digesting thoughts, we create many emotions. Life is a challenge. During some of life’s biggest challenges, we often create an abundance of very powerful negative emotions, many of which we can’t release. We just bury them deep in our body. When we are unable to release these toxic emotions, often times they manifest into chronic pain or a multitude of health issues. These buried emotions become trapped negative energy. Many think that to release this accumulation of trapped negative energies, we would require extensive therapy and re-live many of these experiences. I have found that this therapeutic process of release through visiting the past often times can amplify the effects these thoughts and emotions have on the body, mind and soul.

Releasing the Past

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is untold. We create our future by what we do today! This is the mind set we need to embody when we are embarking on the journey to transform our lives, find happiness, and have a pain free life with continuous improved  health. I encourage all my clients to give themselves full permission to let go of past thinking, past thought patterns, past emotions and any and all challenges they have faced. Everyday is a new opportunity to be born again and we can do this each and every day for the rest of our life. This is the first step in starting the healing process.

Energy Healing

We all have an energetic relationship with our pain or health issues. I teach my clients that a change in this energetic relationship is a must. For many months, years or even decades they have been feeding this trapped negative energy, with even more negative energy, in the form of anger, frustration, sadness, worry and fear. I teach them to make a shift in this relationship and to give themselves first, full permission to heal, and then going forward, learn to send unconditional love and healing energy to the affected parts of the body. The first step in my part of the Healing Touch Massage is to connect with my clients and assist in this process by channeling healing energy. I focus on recharging energizing and balancing their energetic system which has become blocked or unbalanced over time.

Healing Touch

Through touch, two energies connect and become one. Massage is one of the best ways to create this energetic connection. I use the massage portion of the Healing Touch Massage to provide three levels of healing: thought intention, reducing tension and increasing circulation, and relaxation.

Thought Intention

Through constant thinking and emotions, many of these thoughts and emotions have manifested into pain or health issues over time. Once an energetic connection has been made through touch and massage, my thoughts, emotions and intention become as powerful as the ones of the client I am working with. Through years of experience and a deep compassion for healing, I use the power of my thoughts with focused intention to influence the body my client. I release their old thoughts and emotions, clearing the body of negative energy. Then, with more focused attention, I fill the space with unconditional love, healing energy and positive affirmations. The effect of my therapy is temporary, although, if my client makes a shift in his or her thought process, the effects of the treatment can be life changing and miracles can happen.

Reduce Tension and Increase Circulation

Chronic pain and illness can make exercise and keeping active a challenge. When we haven’t been active, our muscles get stiff or even start to deteriorate over time. Massage Therapy is a great way to get the muscles moving, increase blood flow and circulation, which in turn brings new blood into the muscles, stimulating healing. With better  circulation, we can heal and rejuvenate our muscles and start doing the things we haven’t been able to do. This gives us a chance to start moving forward, recover, feel good and create a new, more positive outlook on life.


My client’s lives are busy and full of challenges. The deep relaxation, which they receive from my Healing Touch Massage quiets the mind and allows them to fall into a state of meditation. Taking the time to relax during a massage will quiet the mind and be very effective, when we have decided to heal and transform our lives. When we combine massage with the right atmosphere, our ability to fully relax increases greatly.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are scientifically proven to increase the vibration of a space. Crystals also amplify our thought intention. I use a collection of high vibration crystals to create a high vibration healing environment. In addition, I use a collection of handheld crystal points to amplify my focused intention for healing. I supercharge my client’s  physical body and even more important, their energetic body. Crystal Therapy is a very valuable tool to assist in healing your body, mind and soul.

Sound Therapy

I use the 432 Hz healing frequency during every Healing Touch Massage. The frequency of 432 Hz music resonates inside the body, releases emotional blocks and expands consciousness. This is a subtle yet very effective addition to the overall healing and transformation process.

Enhance your current healing program

The combination of all these unique modalities into my Healing Touch Massage is a great addition to any treatment you are currently using to heal your body, mind or soul. If you are healthy, it is a great way to stay healthy, balanced, energetically charged and a great way to show yourself some love. It will make your life even more enjoyable than it already is.

Experience Healing Touch Massage in London, Ontario, Canada

If you live in London, Ontario, and you are thinking about having a Massage, do yourself a favor and try my Healing Touch Massage. It is an experience that you will never forget.
Published by: Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.
Holistic Healer Greg Roberts Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

It’s time to forgive

Over the course of life, everyone will experience a unique mix of desirable, undesirable situations and life events. Everyone goes through this, it’s not just you, we all experience a different, yet challenging, unfolding of life events. All that we have learned from these challenges molds our individual life experience.

Most of our attention is focused on our own unique perspective. What we agree with, what we don’t, and all the situations that make us happy, sad, and angry. Many times we get caught up in how it makes us feel. Our focus becomes all about ourselves and we forget that it’s really about billions of people learning billions of life lessons all at once. It’s actually quite amazing.

Everything you can imagine is going on right now… billions of experiences, emotions, and challenging situations all over the world. There are favorable and unfavorable experiences for everyone, and it’s easy to focus on the times when we were wronged or when things didn’t turn out as we had hoped for. We have also experienced some challenges as a result of the actions of someone else who’ve made mistakes on their journey of learning. Mistakes are a huge part of how we learn, we have all made mistakes during our own life, as well.

Instead of focusing in on those singular events, let go of the emotional connection to it and look at the big picture for a moment: those experiences were just one of billions of lessons going on, both within your own life and in the world at large. No matter how challenging the experience was, you’re here now and you made it through. You are stronger for it and have gained valuable experience through each and every one of your difficult challenges.

So now, from a new perspective, see your past for what it is: a mix of life events, both yours and those of the people around you, the combination has all helped you gain your life’s experience. The emotions you have felt can stay there in the past, we can leave those emotions behind… you don’t have to carry any of the pain, just hold onto the lessons. You will begin to see that they have helped create that unique and special you that you are today.

We are all learning life lessons together, some good, some bad. Move through the bad ones quickly and take your time to enjoy the good ones. Forgive yourself for any pain that you endured and that you have been carrying around with you, and also forgive yourself for any pain that you inflicted on others. Forgive all those who have hurt you in the past while they were learning lessons of their own.

All of the lessons from our past create wisdom in the here and now. We can choose to make the shift from our past holding us back, to now, starting to use our past to motivate us to create the future of our dreams, and use our experience to inspire the lives of those we come into contact with in our future.

Affirm: With forgiveness I let go of the past and bring only the wisdom and experience into my future.

Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

Holistic Healer Greg Roberts Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

Creating a space to transform your life

Life doesn’t stand still. It keeps on moving and we often feel as though we are chasing life, as our thoughts race, just trying to keep up with it. We all know we need to improve our thoughts and emotions, but where do we start?

We need to first become aware of and cultivate a space where change can happen. You may believe that thinking is a constant, however there is space between your thoughts that you can expand and start to utilize.

Thinking is like a muscle, and we exercise it so often that it has become overwhelming for so many. The silence between your thoughts is also a muscle, but one that gets exercised little, or possibly not at all. It’s time to make a shift to take a break from the constant thinking and start exercising more silence and stillness.

At first, since you may not have practiced being silent, you will have to start slowly. Start by letting your thoughts fade away and find that moment of silence. Try to hold it for a few moments and even if it’s just a few seconds, this is a great start. A thought will probably come, but let it go and hold the silence once again. Start to exercise this silence, and it will continue to grow. With practice and patience, you will reach a minute of silence, and you can expand as much as you’re willing to practice.

Once you have established a point where you are aware of the silence and can observe it, this becomes the starting point for self-improvement. In this state of consciousness, you can then start to observe your thoughts as they are created and start to alter them.

This is where true transformation starts. When you reflect non-judgment, positivity, and acceptance onto the thoughts being created, you can start the transformation process of filtering and improving on what used to be your constant thinking process.

With practice, you will find that you embody a more quiet and peaceful mind. The ability to become the master of your thoughts will allow you to transforms many of your thoughts on a daily basis, in turn, transforming life as you know it.

Our thoughts become our reality, when you master your thoughts, you become the master of what you will attract into your future. I have accomplished this, and I truly believe you can too.


Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

Holistic Healer Greg Roberts Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

Learning how to Manifest

Many people ask me how to manifest what they want into their life. We all have the power to manifest, although it does take work to become a master of manifestation.

The first thing to know is that we do not manifest our desires, we manifest our beliefs. Our beliefs are deep seeded in our subconscious mind. We need to unwire our deeply seeded beliefs to realize our desires.

When it comes to relationships, money, self love, all the material or non material wishes you have, we need to let go of the root connection to our subconscious mind. These beliefs are causing our current life’s manifestations that will continue to cycle until they have been destroyed, melted, and burned away. Those are harsh words, but doing this gives us a fresh start to a new cycle of manifestations with brand new thought currents attaching to our subconscious.

Make a shift from your desires and start to investigate your true beliefs… your deep seeded thoughts that have been attached to you for most of your life time, and let them go. Banish them from your body, mind, and soul.

Start fresh and start to create new beliefs that are in alignment with your desires. With a clean slate, we can then start using affirmations and visualizations to impact our subconscious and start to create new pathways of new beliefs ready to manifest into your life.

It’s time to be born again and create a new mind for yourself. One that is ready to manifest the future of your dreams. You can do this… it’s your right! All it takes is deep commitment, self-exploration, and recreation. Everything else will follow close behind. I truly believe in all of you and am committed to helping you all manifest your dreams into reality.


Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

Rising to the Next Plane of your Existence

From the instinctual beings we have evolved from to the dawn of self-actualized minds of today, this has really been an incredible transformation from instinct to love. We all now have the potential to blossom into our most beautiful self, but only if you allow yourselves to evolve to the next plane of existence in your life.

It starts with the foundation of your life and accepting everything about it as well as everyone in it. If you have fully accepted the things in your life, you will find that you cannot judge, and that you allow life to just happen around you. You become aware that it’s out of your control, and the only thing that is within your reach is the ability to take full control of your life, while intermingling with everyone and everything else going on around you.

Once you have accepted this, you can observe your own thoughts and words about yourself. From this point, you may have to start all over again, and that okay… it’s well worth it. Right now you can learn anything if you try hard enough, giving you the ability to grow in any way you want to grow. You can create new healthy love-filled thoughts about yourself because you are competent, you are in the process of transforming your life into whatever your heart desires. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of respect. You are worthy of growing in any way you want to grow in this world.

Once you climb to the next plane of your existence, you begin wanting this for every person on earth. We love and accept everyone. We find it easier and easier to lose touch with jealousy or envy, and to celebrate life with everyone around us. We not only celebrate, but truly start to care, find compassion and shape a new meaning for unconditional love towards others.

Let everything go. Life is beautiful and you are evolving to a new way of thinking, a new way of using your emotions and a new way of living your life. It’s not for everyone, but I know that if you are reading this, you’re already on your way to the next level of your existence. What ever is happening in your life, it to will evolve with you to the next level of existence.

Put all of your faith forward and rise above yourself in every area of your life. There will be lots of obstacles, but the higher you rise, the further you will move away from them.

Affirm: I AM rising to the next plane of my existence.

Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

Own your Life

This life is your life to own, this life does not own you. You are a creator, and it is time to take hold of that creative power and use it to own all aspects of your life.

Experience after experience, without your conscious knowing, you have created many thought patterns. These patterns have been creating your current life experience, flowing into all areas of your being.

Regardless of your past, it’s time to lay all these memories and thought patterns to rest and own your life in the here and now. Today you are born again, as you take ownership and become the conscious creator of every aspect of your life.

You are limitless in your ability to create. You are limitless in your ability to learn and expand your mind to new dimensions of life.

Starting today, you are the owner of your time. Every minute of every day is yours to create. The days of wasting time are gone as you now use all of your time to own all aspects of your life.

Where do you want your health? What should you be eating? When are you exercising? What are you doing to improve your career and your financial situation? What are you doing to improve your friendships and relationships? What are you doing to create a powerful, unstoppable body and mind? And what are you doing to increase your connection to your higher self and divine universal love?

It all starts today, as the owner of your life. You are in charge of your life in all areas. The only one who has been holding you back is you. From this moment on, every minute of everyday counts. Now as time moves forward, so do you, as you start the process of permanent transformation of body, mind, and soul.

For the next 21 days you will plan every minute of every day… from the second you wake until the second you sleep. The days of wasted time and unfulfilled dreams are over now. Create a routine that utilizes every minute of everyday to the fullest and to your highest potential.

Say goodbye to wasted time on social media, TV, or watching movies. Say goodbye to wasted time worrying about the future or wishing we could change the past.


You can now feel your unlimited potential to embark on a journey that will take you places that once only existed in your dreams. You have the potential to bring all your dreams to life and the time is now.

Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

Use your Mind to Heal your Body

All of your body functions are controlled by your subconscious mind. Your breathing, heart beat, body temperature, all the multiple stages of food digestion and storage, plus everything else your body does that you don’t have to think about. If your subconscious is controlling all of this, where is it getting it’s data from to preform in this certain individual way for you?

Nutrition is one of those topics that has so many conflicting opinions on what’s healthy and unhealthy, what’s good and bad for you and what diets work to lose weight. Sometimes a combination diet and exercise will yield little to no results.

My information will yield all the answers to transform your body naturally, and in a healthy, permanent way. Diet and exercise alone don’t hold the keys to your success. The answers lie deep within your mind. I will teach you how to use your mind to transform your body.

I’m not going to focus so much on how you created this mindset today, I’ll focus more on the solution. You are going to change the way you look at your body and the way you look at food.

The way you perceive your body has to completely change, literally forget your current physical body all together. Keep in mind, your body is the way it is because of these thought patterns. Right now! Start to let go and completely remove all your current thoughts and perceptions of your physical body and instead, we are going to create an image of your ideal body in your mind right now at your current age.

This, with work, will replace the picture of your body that you have held on to your whole life. This image in your mind of your body is where your subconscious gets all of its information on how to preform, and with your new self-image in mind, it will start to preform more in alignment with who you want to become.

When it comes to food, you have also created a huge data bank of information for the subconscious to use when digesting foods and how they get processed. We are going to forget everything we know about food. Stop the calorie counting, breaking down the ingredients of everything you eat, feeling guilty and thinking that the smallest amount of poor food will affect you adversely. Your thoughts are translated to your subconscious program. With a healthy mind, you can digest any thoughts, as with a healthy body connection, you can digest any food.

Start seeing your body as healthy and the way you want it to be. Start to see food in general as healthy and digestible. Eat smart, eat enough, and with a little exercise, once you give your mind the power to transform your body, you will see amazing, lasting results right away.


Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

Unlocking the flow of Prosperity and Abundance

It feels good to give, though many of us have a hard time receiving. If receiving is a challenge for you, it disrupts the natural balance and flow of giving and receiving. It’s okay to give, and then expect to receive… that’s how it is meant to be. It’s a continuous flow, and when you finally accept that you deserve to receive, you then tap into the unlimited supply of abundance the universe has to offer you.

It’s time to give and start expecting to receive. I know the mindset: “I want to give, give, give and accept nothing for myself.” Although that’s not the way it is meant to be. For all that we give away out of love, we deserve to receive back. It keeps the flow of abundance in harmony with your love and your life. Receiving is part of your divine right to accept all of the blessings that life offers you.

Shake away any beliefs that you don’t deserve abundance… that abundance is hard to obtain or only obtained by a few. Open up to the awareness that everyone, including you, deserves to have (and can have!) a life of prosperity and abundance, just by being open to finally receive what is yours.

Accept this, and then put your acceptance to receive out into the universe. Open the doors to unlimited potential and feel good about it! Breath in abundance and breathe out abundance. Give more, receive more. Use this affirmation daily until you start to see the flow of abundance in your life.


Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

Open your Mind to Create Peace and Harmony in your Life

Physically, in a day, you may find it a challenge to get much done. Between getting up and getting ready, travel time and work, as well as your family’s and friends’ needs, there really isn’t much time left to get anything meaningful done. You are left in a state of feeling stuck, which doesn’t feel good at all.

Mentally, in a day you, have a much more immense amount of time on your hands. During a lot of these physical activities, your mind is idle or consumed with extremely non-productive thought. Take your focus of the physical world and start to focus on this immense amount of available time within your mind that is going to waste.

Spend all your idle time working on improving this space, The more you work with your mind the more you will clear out the noise, nonsense and negativity, with pure and non-judgmental thoughts, the space starts to become a beautiful place to be. In fact, it becomes a place of pure love and bliss, where we can find understanding and see the beauty and love in everyone and everything.

It starts with baby steps. Start by just being aware of this space and what’s being processed. With intention, start to put beautiful thoughts and words in this space… fill it with all of your dreams and wishes. Then, this not only becomes a place of peace and harmony, but also a place where you create manifestation and abundance. Your outer world changes right before your eyes and you see life in a whole new way. I want everyone to work on this and feel just how amazing this space can be. Really commit to spending time making your mind a place of love, peace, harmony and beautiful manifestation. My wish is that you all be blessed with this sacred space to spend the rest of your life cultivating.


Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in London, Ontario, Canada.

Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, London, Ontario, Canada

Transforming your Negativity into Positivity

It’s easy to find an abundance of things that are not going our way. It’s easy to put our focus on our hardships, obstacles and challenges. The more we focus on those things, the bigger they become and the harder it gets to become positive again, leaving us feeling hopeless, sad and even angry.

This is no way to live out our beautiful existence in life. Love, peace and harmony, feeling full of love and light, regardless of life’s challenges, are achievable for everyone, even YOU. Start making that transformation today, and keep transforming your life until you reach that place of inner peace and love.

To start the process, we can use logic and simple awareness. Has worry, stress, anger or sadness ever solved a problem for you? Probably not. That’s because they are not solutions. They are reactions, and when we maintain that state of mind, they make the problem worse.

The next step is becoming aware of the Law of Attraction in your life. We attract what we focus on the most. What are you currently experiencing and do you want more of it? Do you want more pain or more pleasure in your life? With that being crystal clear, all that is left is to create new thoughts, which will create new emotions.

Find the thoughts you have been using to create your current emotions and start creating the opposite. If you hate something, start focusing love onto it. If you’re thinking about the worst case scenario to a challenge, start focusing on the best possible outcome and be more optimistic. This will start the transformation process and give you a focus outside of your current mindset, instead of keeping you feeling increasingly trapped. Start using words like love, inner peace and harmony. Start saying things like “I love myself” and “I can do anything I set my mind to”. We can use this inner space in any way we want. You are the master of your own space and you owe it to your future self to start the transformation process today.

Your own beautiful, exciting life is waiting for you to claim it and start living it to the fullest. Take these baby steps today and tomorrow will be a little brighter. I have been through the darkest depth of my own mind, and I have found the purest love, just by using these steps with focused intention. I am so grateful that I started this transformation, and I’m excited to see you all blossom in the same way! I have my challenges, and they haven’t gone away or gotten any easier, but the love, peace and acceptance that I hold inside gets me through every one with grace and abundance.


Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.