Healing Services

Hot Stone Massage

Melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.

Aromatherapy Massage

The use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation.


Removes blockages and congestion in the nerve endings that correspond with particular areas of the body.

Crystal Healing Session

Crystal expert, utilizing the healing properties of ancient crystals.

Kundalini Energy Work

Learn to awaken the Kundalini, potent energy that lies to rest at the base of the spine.

Chakra Alignment

Chakra alignment supports your body to return to a natural state of balance and joy using knowledge of the energetic system.

Negative Energy Removal

An ancient practice used for healing and energy clearing.

Guided Meditation

Engaging on a journey of creative visualization, designed to specifically to help you achieve your goals in life, whatever they may be.


Specialist in the acceptance of death for the terminally ill.

Anti-aging Facial Treatment

What's included: mini facial with facial cupping, scalp massage, hot stone leg, and arm massage with hot oil foot treatment.

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May 2019
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Sherri R

This is the massage I am looking for. Really enjoy and definitely will going back. Recommend !!

Lori O

Very relaxing and healing experience. Highly recommend!

Stephanie K

Amazing energy experience. Left feeling light and energy flowing freely. Got rid of my negative aura and feeling much better overall!

Mary A

Greg uses gentle yet firm massage strokes. A beautiful, relaxing experience overall.

Kelly P

Greg is professional, and I enjoyed my massage session - very relaxing environment.

Amy M

Fantastic massages & very knowledgeable!

Michaela R

Great massage, love the head to toe treatment! Have and will continue to go back.

Kelly P

Greg is professional, and I enjoyed my massage session - very relaxing environment.

Luba D

Great job Greg enjoy the message so much and will be back. Thanks!

About Greg Roberts

When it comes to my work I do not believe in taking a traditional approach. I believe that every individual is unique and I take pride in identifying this uniqueness and the problems that individuals encounter. With that in mind, I combine many theories and practices in order to establish a means of treatment specific to my client.

It is my goal help others retake ownership of their lives and feel in control of their fears, emotions, their future, and their success. As a hypnotist, it is my objective to assist clients in achieving this goal; living a satisfying life without regret or disappointment. When you learn how free you truly are you will discover your true potential; you will free yourself to become more, do more, and possess all that you want in life.

Most of my clients come by recommendation, allowing me to be selective with those that I see. I believe in assisting the client on their journey. It is the client that must do all the work! It is the client who must recognize what is important and what is not, in their lives. I provide them with tools, and teach them how to utilize these tools to accomplish their goals. This self-help method allows my clients to recognize the ability within themselves, Together, we will create an owner’s manual for your mind and create a personal transformations in health, prosperity, success, and happiness.

  • 519-639-8823
  • 380 Wellington St.
  • London ON, N6A 5B5
  • holistichealergregroberts@gmail.com