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The Law of Attraction

When we understand everything is energy vibrating at a specific frequency and these frequencies will attracts like vibrational frequencies, we set the stage for some serious magnetic energy with the Law of Attraction .

Let’s relate this to our words, thoughts, and emotions. If you embody thoughts filled with anger you will be indirectly attracting more life events to experience anger, the same with hate, fear and worry. These unpleasant vibrations will attract more unpleasant people and situations its the law the Law of Attraction.

We can now make a shift and start to attract the opposite to what we have been attracting. Know that thoughts of love will attract more love, being grateful will attract more situation to be grateful for and this is the same with thoughts of sucsess, positivity and any other vibrations we would like to attract more of you can do so with a little effort.

The Law of Attraction is our law to use and evolve our life in and direction we wish. Every moment of every day we have the opportunity to attract what we desire. This is one of the true blessings of being on our planet.

We can only focus on one thought or emotion at a time. When you experience a thought or emotion that is not for your highest good start to focus on the opposite thought or emotion and immediatly we start to transmute towards a beneficial vibration and in turn start to use the Law of Attraction to enhance and shift our life. Its your right to have the life of your dreams and this is where it starts!.

Closing your eyes and focus on the thoughts and emotions you wish to have more of in your life and you in turn will alter your vibration. Give it to the Universal Laws, embrace it, and hold onto it, be patient magic and miracles are right around the corner.

We are all vibrating at our own unique vibrational frequencies attracting to us like vibrational frequencies. We can all adjust our unique vibration by finely tuning your thoughts and emotions, inturn manifesting and attracting more of what you want into reality. Start using the Law of Attraction for your highest good in all areas of your life. Focus on what you want, day dream often and be open to all possibilities and get ready for a shift in your life.

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  1. Don Hicks

    Nice article, Greg!

    To me, the Law of Attraction is like placing an order online and Manifestation is like the item being delivered into your “home” experience. They are a two-part process.

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