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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer will Live Forever within Me

Dr. Wayne Dyer touched so many lives with his words and energy. Wayne’s death is like an amazing, grandfather tree, dying at the end of a season. It is a sad thing to watch something so magnificent leave our lives, but left behind are many seeds; one for each of us to grow inside our heart.

Let that seed grow into something magnificent! We can all make a huge difference in the world just as Wayne did. He was one man, but he left an infinite amount of his love and blessings behind so that we can take that love, then grow and expand it.

Let the light shine brighter in the collective conscious and make miracles happen in this glorious world. We are his legacy, meant to carry it forward, ready to take his love and grow it to new heights.

I can’t wait to see how all of your unique trees grow, becoming brighter and more full of light every day.

Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in London, Ontario, Canada.