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Healing Touch Massage

It’s Time to Heal

Thinking and digesting thoughts is a constant challenge over a lifetime. Through this process of digesting thoughts, we create many emotions. Life is a challenge. During some of life’s biggest challenges, we often create an abundance of very powerful negative emotions, many of which we can’t release. We just bury them deep in our body. When we are unable to release these toxic emotions, often times they manifest into chronic pain or a multitude of health issues. These buried emotions become trapped negative energy. Many think that to release this accumulation of trapped negative energies, we would require extensive therapy and re-live many of these experiences. I have found that this therapeutic process of release through visiting the past often times can amplify the effects these thoughts and emotions have on the body, mind and soul.

Releasing the Past

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is untold. We create our future by what we do today! This is the mind set we need to embody when we are embarking on the journey to transform our lives, find happiness, and have a pain free life with continuous improved  health. I encourage all my clients to give themselves full permission to let go of past thinking, past thought patterns, past emotions and any and all challenges they have faced. Everyday is a new opportunity to be born again and we can do this each and every day for the rest of our life. This is the first step in starting the healing process.

Energy Healing

We all have an energetic relationship with our pain or health issues. I teach my clients that a change in this energetic relationship is a must. For many months, years or even decades they have been feeding this trapped negative energy, with even more negative energy, in the form of anger, frustration, sadness, worry and fear. I teach them to make a shift in this relationship and to give themselves first, full permission to heal, and then going forward, learn to send unconditional love and healing energy to the affected parts of the body. The first step in my part of the Healing Touch Massage is to connect with my clients and assist in this process by channeling healing energy. I focus on recharging energizing and balancing their energetic system which has become blocked or unbalanced over time.

Healing Touch

Through touch, two energies connect and become one. Massage is one of the best ways to create this energetic connection. I use the massage portion of the Healing Touch Massage to provide three levels of healing: thought intention, reducing tension and increasing circulation, and relaxation.

Thought Intention

Through constant thinking and emotions, many of these thoughts and emotions have manifested into pain or health issues over time. Once an energetic connection has been made through touch and massage, my thoughts, emotions and intention become as powerful as the ones of the client I am working with. Through years of experience and a deep compassion for healing, I use the power of my thoughts with focused intention to influence the body my client. I release their old thoughts and emotions, clearing the body of negative energy. Then, with more focused attention, I fill the space with unconditional love, healing energy and positive affirmations. The effect of my therapy is temporary, although, if my client makes a shift in his or her thought process, the effects of the treatment can be life changing and miracles can happen.

Reduce Tension and Increase Circulation

Chronic pain and illness can make exercise and keeping active a challenge. When we haven’t been active, our muscles get stiff or even start to deteriorate over time. Massage Therapy is a great way to get the muscles moving, increase blood flow and circulation, which in turn brings new blood into the muscles, stimulating healing. With better  circulation, we can heal and rejuvenate our muscles and start doing the things we haven’t been able to do. This gives us a chance to start moving forward, recover, feel good and create a new, more positive outlook on life.


My client’s lives are busy and full of challenges. The deep relaxation, which they receive from my Healing Touch Massage quiets the mind and allows them to fall into a state of meditation. Taking the time to relax during a massage will quiet the mind and be very effective, when we have decided to heal and transform our lives. When we combine massage with the right atmosphere, our ability to fully relax increases greatly.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are scientifically proven to increase the vibration of a space. Crystals also amplify our thought intention. I use a collection of high vibration crystals to create a high vibration healing environment. In addition, I use a collection of handheld crystal points to amplify my focused intention for healing. I supercharge my client’s  physical body and even more important, their energetic body. Crystal Therapy is a very valuable tool to assist in healing your body, mind and soul.

Sound Therapy

I use the 432 Hz healing frequency during every Healing Touch Massage. The frequency of 432 Hz music resonates inside the body, releases emotional blocks and expands consciousness. This is a subtle yet very effective addition to the overall healing and transformation process.

Enhance your current healing program

The combination of all these unique modalities into my Healing Touch Massage is a great addition to any treatment you are currently using to heal your body, mind or soul. If you are healthy, it is a great way to stay healthy, balanced, energetically charged and a great way to show yourself some love. It will make your life even more enjoyable than it already is.

Experience Healing Touch Massage in London, Ontario, Canada

If you live in London, Ontario, and you are thinking about having a Massage, do yourself a favor and try my Healing Touch Massage. It is an experience that you will never forget.
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