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Learning how to Manifest

Many people ask me how to manifest what they want into their life. We all have the power to manifest, although it does take work to become a master of manifestation.

The first thing to know is that we do not manifest our desires, we manifest our beliefs. Our beliefs are deep seeded in our subconscious mind. We need to unwire our deeply seeded beliefs to realize our desires.

When it comes to relationships, money, self love, all the material or non material wishes you have, we need to let go of the root connection to our subconscious mind. These beliefs are causing our current life’s manifestations that will continue to cycle until they have been destroyed, melted, and burned away. Those are harsh words, but doing this gives us a fresh start to a new cycle of manifestations with brand new thought currents attaching to our subconscious.

Make a shift from your desires and start to investigate your true beliefs… your deep seeded thoughts that have been attached to you for most of your life time, and let them go. Banish them from your body, mind, and soul.

Start fresh and start to create new beliefs that are in alignment with your desires. With a clean slate, we can then start using affirmations and visualizations to impact our subconscious and start to create new pathways of new beliefs ready to manifest into your life.

It’s time to be born again and create a new mind for yourself. One that is ready to manifest the future of your dreams. You can do this… it’s your right! All it takes is deep commitment, self-exploration, and recreation. Everything else will follow close behind. I truly believe in all of you and am committed to helping you all manifest your dreams into reality.


Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

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