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It’s time to forgive

Over the course of life, everyone will experience a unique mix of desirable, undesirable situations and life events. Everyone goes through this, it’s not just you, we all experience a different, yet challenging, unfolding of life events. All that we have learned from these challenges molds our individual life experience.

Most of our attention is focused on our own unique perspective. What we agree with, what we don’t, and all the situations that make us happy, sad, and angry. Many times we get caught up in how it makes us feel. Our focus becomes all about ourselves and we forget that it’s really about billions of people learning billions of life lessons all at once. It’s actually quite amazing.

Everything you can imagine is going on right now… billions of experiences, emotions, and challenging situations all over the world. There are favorable and unfavorable experiences for everyone, and it’s easy to focus on the times when we were wronged or when things didn’t turn out as we had hoped for. We have also experienced some challenges as a result of the actions of someone else who’ve made mistakes on their journey of learning. Mistakes are a huge part of how we learn, we have all made mistakes during our own life, as well.

Instead of focusing in on those singular events, let go of the emotional connection to it and look at the big picture for a moment: those experiences were just one of billions of lessons going on, both within your own life and in the world at large. No matter how challenging the experience was, you’re here now and you made it through. You are stronger for it and have gained valuable experience through each and every one of your difficult challenges.

So now, from a new perspective, see your past for what it is: a mix of life events, both yours and those of the people around you, the combination has all helped you gain your life’s experience. The emotions you have felt can stay there in the past, we can leave those emotions behind… you don’t have to carry any of the pain, just hold onto the lessons. You will begin to see that they have helped create that unique and special you that you are today.

We are all learning life lessons together, some good, some bad. Move through the bad ones quickly and take your time to enjoy the good ones. Forgive yourself for any pain that you endured and that you have been carrying around with you, and also forgive yourself for any pain that you inflicted on others. Forgive all those who have hurt you in the past while they were learning lessons of their own.

All of the lessons from our past create wisdom in the here and now. We can choose to make the shift from our past holding us back, to now, starting to use our past to motivate us to create the future of our dreams, and use our experience to inspire the lives of those we come into contact with in our future.

Affirm: With forgiveness I let go of the past and bring only the wisdom and experience into my future.

Holistic Healer Greg Roberts, Healing Touch Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach in London, Ontario, Canada.

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