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Transforming your Negativity into Positivity

It’s easy to find an abundance of things that are not going our way. It’s easy to put our focus on our hardships, obstacles and challenges. The more we focus on those things, the bigger they become and the harder it gets to become positive again, leaving us feeling hopeless, sad and¬†even angry.

This is no way to live out our beautiful existence¬†in life. Love, peace and harmony, feeling full of love and light, regardless of life’s challenges, are achievable for everyone, even YOU. Start making that transformation today, and keep transforming your life until you reach that place of inner peace and love.

To start the process, we can use logic and simple awareness. Has worry, stress, anger or sadness ever solved a problem for you? Probably not. That’s because they are not solutions. They are reactions, and when we maintain that state of mind, they make the problem worse.

The next step is becoming aware of the Law of Attraction in your life. We attract what we focus on the most. What are you currently experiencing and do you want more of it? Do you want more pain or more pleasure in your life? With that being crystal clear, all that is left is to create new thoughts, which will create new emotions.

Find the thoughts you have been using to create your current emotions and start creating the opposite. If you hate something, start focusing love onto it. If you’re thinking about the worst case scenario to a challenge, start focusing on the best possible outcome and be more optimistic. This will start the transformation process and give you a focus outside of your current mindset, instead of keeping you feeling increasingly trapped. Start using words like love, inner peace and harmony. Start saying things like “I love myself” and “I can do anything I set my mind to”. We can use this inner space in any way we want. You are the master of your own space and you owe it to your future self to start the transformation process today.

Your own beautiful, exciting life is waiting for you to claim it and start living it to the fullest. Take these baby steps today and tomorrow will be a little brighter. I have been through the darkest depth of my own mind, and I have found the purest love, just by using these steps with focused intention. I am so grateful that I started this transformation, and I’m excited to see you all blossom in the same way! I have my challenges, and they haven’t gone away or gotten any easier, but the love, peace and acceptance that I hold inside gets me through every one with grace and abundance.


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