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How to Love: A Simple Approach

So many people are having a hard time with love. Asking the questions “How do I love myself?” or “How do I express love to others?” We need to change this: love isn’t complicated!

We all know how to love! Think about this: How much do you love your mother or children. Would you let anyone talk down to her or hurt her? NO! We need to love ourselves like this and even more. Don’t let anyone hurt you in anyway. You deserve only love in this same way.  It’s just as important to treat everyone else as you treat your mother, children, or your closest family members.

Look within at their souls with unconditional love, casting no judgment on their appearance or level of enlightenment. We are all doing the best we can with the tools given to us at this time.   If we love like this, we would see when people are hurting; we would be there for one another like family and bring each other back to the unconditional love we are all meant to be part of, and share with one another.

Next time you’re out walking, look at someone’s soul with love… unconditional love.

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