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Use your Mind to Heal your Body

All of your body functions are controlled by your subconscious mind. Your breathing, heart beat, body temperature, all the multiple stages of food digestion and storage, plus everything else your body does that you don’t have to think about. If your subconscious is controlling all of this, where is it getting it’s data from to preform in this certain individual way for you?

Nutrition is one of those topics that has so many conflicting opinions on what’s healthy and unhealthy, what’s good and bad for you and what diets work to lose weight. Sometimes a combination diet and exercise will yield little to no results.

My information will yield all the answers to transform your body naturally, and in a healthy, permanent way. Diet and exercise alone don’t hold the keys to your success. The answers lie deep within your mind. I will teach you how to use your mind to transform your body.

I’m not going to focus so much on how you created this mindset today, I’ll focus more on the solution. You are going to change the way you look at your body and the way you look at food.

The way you perceive your body has to completely change, literally forget your current physical body all together. Keep in mind, your body is the way it is because of these thought patterns. Right now! Start to let go and completely remove all your current thoughts and perceptions of your physical body and instead, we are going to create an image of your ideal body in your mind right now at your current age.

This, with work, will replace the picture of your body that you have held on to your whole life. This image in your mind of your body is where your subconscious gets all of its information on how to preform, and with your new self-image in mind, it will start to preform more in alignment with who you want to become.

When it comes to food, you have also created a huge data bank of information for the subconscious to use when digesting foods and how they get processed. We are going to forget everything we know about food. Stop the calorie counting, breaking down the ingredients of everything you eat, feeling guilty and thinking that the smallest amount of poor food will affect you adversely. Your thoughts are translated to your subconscious program. With a healthy mind, you can digest any thoughts, as with a healthy body connection, you can digest any food.

Start seeing your body as healthy and the way you want it to be. Start to see food in general as healthy and digestible. Eat smart, eat enough, and with a little exercise, once you give your mind the power to transform your body, you will see amazing, lasting results right away.


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